Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Eggs

I have never made Easter eggs before (yes, of course when I was a child) - maybe because we have always been traveling during Easter. This year I am obsessed with making these little handsewn ones.

I like the idea of making something myself for Frida Viola. Something with lots of little surprises and details that will learn her about Easter without resorting to the vast amount of commercial offers and candys of the supermarket. 

I will show you more later.

By the way, we will be going here during the holidays - can't hardly wait.


  1. We want to make Easter eggs after seeing yours....so sweet!

  2. At the point when an egg is laid, it is normally warm. When it cools, the external and internal shell film isolate shaping the air cell. gevulde eieren met boter


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