Monday, August 29, 2011

Big news

Yes, we are selling our big, beautiful Copenhagen apartment. The dream is more green, more air, more family - and now we want to try it out.

So please take a look here and spread the word (and the link) to anyone you might know who are looking for at place to live in Copenhagen.

This is so much filled with mixed feelings - at one and the same time joy because the decision has been taken and sadness because we love the place so much and have worked so hard on the renovation.


This is pure joy - for both of us!

I found two little ballarina dresses in the local thrift store at my mom's place. Every day after kindergarten she jumps into one of them and it's a battle to get it off again before bedtime.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Little details...

I am sure that most of you will agree that little details count. I really enjoyed preparing all the little details for the wedding - but also didn't have time to post about them during the preparations. So here are some of them - hope they will not be too boring for you, soon I will stop telling more about the wedding :)

Vintage paper napkins for the cake (with little violets because of Frida Viola's name)

Very nice straws from this very nice Etsy-shop that has all kinds of funny stuff for your party.

Rosehips from the area around my grandmom's house - we made a lovely chutney with them.

Napkins made by vintage fabric for the dinner.

And little gauze bags with lavender (instead of rice) and vintage ribbon.

And look here - Camilla from Annas Camping took some very nice photos while she and her family stayed in our apartment! I love to see all the wellknown things and surroundings through the eyes of someone else - end especially sweet little Melvin in Frida Viola's room!

Finally: New blog roll on your right with lots of wonderful blogs - have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What the guests left behind

So, while we were gone this summer we actually had guests in our apartment: Camilla from Annas Camping and her little family came to Copenhagen and stayed at our place. I love the whole idea about this - and also the thought about what this wonderful blogspace can create of new connections and adventures.

Just such a shame that Camilla and I didn't even get the chance to meet for real - hopefully next time :)

Camilla left some very nice presents for us - this beautiful-beautiful book, "Bilder av Folk", by the French artist Blexbolex ("L'imagier des Gens" in French), one of Camilla's deer necklaces and one of her fantastic children's scarfs in the finest printed fabric! Frida Viola thinks she looks like a cowboy wearing it and I think the scarf is perfect for the slightly colder weather that has already come to us (followed by the inevitable back-to-institution-cold). You can buy both necklace and scarf in Camilla's etsy shop.

Thank you again, Camilla!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Honeymooning in Norway

After the wedding we originally planned to go to our house in Sweden. But my grandmom gave us a trip to Norway so suddenly our plans changed.

It's been several years since I visited Norway last time (except from Oslo) and I had almost forgotten how beautiful it is. The present included a stay at this fantastic little hotel where I have spent so many wonderful vacations in my childhood and where I also worked two summers while studying.

Photos are from around the hotel and from the Gausta summit.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Summer...

Yes, we are back - and what a wonderful summer! After 4 weeks away I feel like a stranger here in my neighourhood and it is almost a paradox that at the time of year when you experience the most and take huge amounts of photos blogging is almost dead... I guess you all feel the same and I hope you don't mind that I will bombard you with summer photos :)

First of all our wedding was marvellous. In the midst of this very wet summer we had a full day with sun from morning to evening. Everything was better than expected and I can only highly recommend getting married - you will never regret this massive feeling of joy and wonderful people.

This is how it looked...

From the village church where I was also baptised...

And from my grandmother's house at the sea where the party were held and from where I have so many nice childhood memories...

My sister and my mom did the delicious wedding cake with raspberries, fragilité, praliné and white chocolate. My childhood friend Vibeke made the fantastic ceramic figure on the top depicting A and me in our wedding outfits...

And some photos of some of our very beautiful guests - my mom and my grandmom at the bottom...

The tables were set with all different plates and tablecloths from local thrift stores and with flowers from the nature around the house. The pennants so fine and very festive...

The food was heavenly - only fish and local grown vegetables...

And the party went on until morning with lots of singing and dancing....

All photos are taken by our fantastic friend Kenneth Sperling who is also a fantastic photographer - look at his beautiful photos from Uganda here.

Now we are happy and tired and all filled up with wonderful memories - and I guess I cannot help posting more about the wedding later.