Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What the guests left behind

So, while we were gone this summer we actually had guests in our apartment: Camilla from Annas Camping and her little family came to Copenhagen and stayed at our place. I love the whole idea about this - and also the thought about what this wonderful blogspace can create of new connections and adventures.

Just such a shame that Camilla and I didn't even get the chance to meet for real - hopefully next time :)

Camilla left some very nice presents for us - this beautiful-beautiful book, "Bilder av Folk", by the French artist Blexbolex ("L'imagier des Gens" in French), one of Camilla's deer necklaces and one of her fantastic children's scarfs in the finest printed fabric! Frida Viola thinks she looks like a cowboy wearing it and I think the scarf is perfect for the slightly colder weather that has already come to us (followed by the inevitable back-to-institution-cold). You can buy both necklace and scarf in Camilla's etsy shop.

Thank you again, Camilla!


  1. Oh! And THANK YOU, sweet Inger Marie for being so kind to lend us your beautiful, beautiful apartment!

    I hope that one day we will be able to repay you by lending you our apartment in Oslo :)

    We had the most wonderful stay in Copenhagen, and all I want is to go back soon, soon.

    And I am so happy you liked the presents! As newly weds, you are supposed to shower in presents, you know :)

  2. And here are the photos from your home:


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