Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Summer...

Yes, we are back - and what a wonderful summer! After 4 weeks away I feel like a stranger here in my neighourhood and it is almost a paradox that at the time of year when you experience the most and take huge amounts of photos blogging is almost dead... I guess you all feel the same and I hope you don't mind that I will bombard you with summer photos :)

First of all our wedding was marvellous. In the midst of this very wet summer we had a full day with sun from morning to evening. Everything was better than expected and I can only highly recommend getting married - you will never regret this massive feeling of joy and wonderful people.

This is how it looked...

From the village church where I was also baptised...

And from my grandmother's house at the sea where the party were held and from where I have so many nice childhood memories...

My sister and my mom did the delicious wedding cake with raspberries, fragilité, praliné and white chocolate. My childhood friend Vibeke made the fantastic ceramic figure on the top depicting A and me in our wedding outfits...

And some photos of some of our very beautiful guests - my mom and my grandmom at the bottom...

The tables were set with all different plates and tablecloths from local thrift stores and with flowers from the nature around the house. The pennants so fine and very festive...

The food was heavenly - only fish and local grown vegetables...

And the party went on until morning with lots of singing and dancing....

All photos are taken by our fantastic friend Kenneth Sperling who is also a fantastic photographer - look at his beautiful photos from Uganda here.

Now we are happy and tired and all filled up with wonderful memories - and I guess I cannot help posting more about the wedding later.


  1. Kære Inger Marie, stort tillykke med en drøm af et bryllup. Blomsterne, maden, serviset, de fine duge, den nordjyske natur og ikke mindst jer: utrolig fint og smukt. Jeg håber Frida Viola nød dagen også?

  2. Sophie - tak for hilsen! Og ja - Frida Viola elskede det hele, og jeg var så glad for at vi valgte at have hende med. Hun svævede igennem hele festen :)

  3. SÅ smukke billeder!!! Kan ikke vente med at se flere.

  4. Stort tillykke. Det ligner en helt igennem perfekt dag lige efter jeres hjerter :)

  5. · { tillykke, så fine billeder af festen og den store dag kh/ } ·

  6. Dear Inger Marie. A very big hug and congratulations from us. Looks like you had the best day. Sabine and Kristine

  7. Smukke billeder af en fantastisk fest. Tusind tak for sidst, håber I nyder at være nygifte.

  8. Oh gongratulations Inger Marie!! You look beautiful and happy. Looks like a swell party with happy guests as well :)

  9. Så nydelig! Dere er så fine! Det ser virkelig ut som et helt fantastisk bryllup!

    Gratulerer igjen :)


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