Thursday, May 5, 2011

New (old) inspiration!

Recently I found this fantastic book in a thrift store: "Bo Bedre's Børnenes Idébog. Byg-selv, klip, mal, leg og spil" from 1972 by Lis Paludan and Ulla Dietl. We had it at home and I remember how much I loved just looking in at. It gave me lots of inspiration for my own projects. It's like rediscovering a lost treasure.

Below is what we made today. This modelling wax is so soft and easy to play with, also for little fingers. Found it in this nice shop.

Yesterday I visited this very talented lady - we are working on a text for her new website. Very exiciting!

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  1. Know that book from my childhood.I think I have looked i it for inspiration a thousands times.


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