Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Party & Joy

Ohh, so many things happened this weekend!
Friday was the big summer party in Frida Viola's kindergarten with performances, circus, activities and eating. She loved it.

Saturday she was alone with her dad while I had a wonderful day with two dear friends, my sister and my mom. We had a sushi lesson with a very skilled sushi chef (I never tried making sushi on my own before) and I must admit that after the lesson I am even more full of admiration for this very aesthetic craft - so delicate,  filled with grace and yet so simple. I was so concentrated that I didn't even sense to take photos - but I hope that some of the others did.

Today we went to this very nice place - really recommended if you want quickly to get out of town and into open space.

I love her little overalls - found in a thrift store in Sweden.


  1. Hun ser utrolig kær ud, din lille datter...
    Hvis vi boede i samme by, er jeg sikker på Frida Viola og Flora kunne lege så hyggeligt sammen;-)

  2. Ja - det er jeg også ret sikker på, Sophie!


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