Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Soft Rose

I made these little very easy pants for Frida Viola yesterday. I copied her favorite pants from lili and the funky boys and used some fabric found in the local thrift store - soft rose with silver glitter - much more girly than I usually like, but Frida Viola seems quite satisfied.

The photos below are some old ones A had for our wedding. They are from his birth, or actually from when his mom and dad brought him home from the hospital. I can't believe there is actually a newborn baby in that white box... Look at the nonchalant way his dad is carrying it in the second photo - that would never happen today! They are standing in front of their very new-build house. It turned out - when the house was finished - that it had been build so quickly that everything had been mirrored according to the layout. That certainly was the seventies!


  1. det er nogle super søde bukser med en rigtig fin pasform. jeg synes det er lidt sejt, at du bare sådan kunne tegne mønsteret af:)

    og en fin historie fra 70'erne...

  2. Sofie - de er meget, meget simple - nærmest bare todimensionelle, så det var ikke så svært at tegne et mønster af ;-)


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