Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn Wedding

This weekend we went to some friends' wedding...

It was held in this beautiful house on a little island... almost magical with the fog and the autumn colours.

We had to go there by boat - a hundred people...

The house had so many beautiful old handcrafted details - like these carvings.

We all helped preparing the dinner - lots of nice talking while chopping...

and to decorate the dining hall with leaves and berrier from the surrounding woods...

And the bride's mom had made lots of cookies, stored in beautiful old cans...

Now we are tired and filled with beautiful impressions. Hope you had a nice weekend as well.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Home Today

It has been foggy and grey all day. All colours seem softened and douce. We still play outside before going inside in the afternoon. The other kids are wearing snowsuits now. I still stick to the warm jacket a little while more - the season of snowsuits is terrible long.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


These two waited at me when I came home last night - so much like eachother. Both with the same hoodies and both with a little bit of yogurt around the mouth. Today: Very good bread from the little biodynamic bakery Jeremys in Århus - one of my favorites when I lived there.

I also went to this little shop, recommended by Sophie from fine dage - and brought new woolen underwear for both Frida Viola and me with me home - it's getting colder.

Urban Farming

Yesterday I went to Århus on a one-day-trip for a meeting. But I also had time to "re-investigate" my old town, so rarely visited since we moved to Copenhagen. I had my coffee at Lynfabrikken and enjoyed just sitting there browsing in all their nice books. This one particularly catched my eye - "My Green City. Back to Nature with Attitude and Style" - filled with sympathetic projects and beautiful photos.

More urban farming:
Prags Have - very close to where I live
Johnson's Backyard Garden
Eagle Street Rooftop Farm - and from The Selbys
And children gardening projects in Copenhagen

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I found this little kitchen for Frida Viola in the local thrift store the other day. Big joy!
The size of the kitchen is perfect for her little Barefoot mice. She has been cooking and cooking.
I have been making more bread with the sourdough. Good.

Isabel Marant's fantastic cabin - can't get it out of my mind.
Die Katze - a kindergarten made as a cat! Love it :) More here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big News # 2

Some happy news following my Big News # 1 post - I am nearly 5 months pregnant. This time very different from the first, but no less wonderful and exhausting at the same time.

And another important change: I have stopped working at the gallery in order to work as a freelancer and an independent. This is of course part of our relocation plans but also a long time wish. I will post more about my plans and my projects later.

(and the photo below is not really related to all this - just a painting Frida Viola made today that I like. She has begun to fill out the entire sheet with colour.)

Monday, October 17, 2011


I have been experimenting with a sourdough lately. First bread was ok, but nothing extraordinary, but last time I used the sourdough the bread turned out beyond my own expectations. It was both beautiful and very tasteful.

For the sourdough I used a recipe from Meyers Almanak. I know this book isn't new anylonger and I have been wanting to post about it for so long because in my opinion it's the best cookbook ever. With this one you don't need any other. The book is filled with the most beautiful photos by Anders Schønnemann and I have to look a little in it every day, just because of the photos.

Below some snapshots from the book - you can see more of the book here.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Home Today

A has been working on a new bed for Frida Viola this weekend. Or actually it is not new - it's an old one that we found here. It was my dad's and his sister's when they were kids. Frida Viola is very exicted about the project. She refuses to sleep in her cot any longer (she calls it a jail!), and right now she is sleeping at the mattresses at the floor in her room. I am looking forward to the changes as well because every night she wakes up and wants to go into my bed that is both warmer and more comfy.

A Scent of India

Look what the mailman brought me the other day... The finest Indian box filled with little treasures and followed by a fantastic scent of India. Sweet Sabine from I ♥ SISTERBRANDT is the sender - and she has previously treated me with nice presents.
She must know that I am addicted to India and ever since the present arrived I have been begging A to go there. The treasures are from Sabine's trip to India. The little bags with seeds are my favorite. Frida Viola prefers the spinning tops.

Thank you so much Sabine, for this nice surprise!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Magazine

Cover has made a nice new magazine, Cover Kids. I am addicted to magazines and books, so I like it when something new appears. Do you have any favorite magazines you can recommend? Maybe some I don't know.