Thursday, January 5, 2012


Ohh, yes, we had presents for Christmas.
Really nice ones for all of us...

A gave me this very beautiful and functional kettle from Sori Yanagi, originally designed in 1953, such a pleasure to use it...

And sweet Sabine from Sisterbrandt sent me these delicacies! A little memo pad and beautiful cards from Sisterbrandt's new collection. Ohh, I love the colours that Sisterbrandt use! And I promise never to use ugly post it again! I hope that both memo and cards will be available from Sisterbrandt's new shop that will open January 16 :)

Frida Viola had this sweet little wool kitten, that my mom made (immediately baptized Mons after Ida's kitten in Emil in Lönnberga)

...and thick handmade woll socks for her little feet

...and this wondeful book (that has also been on my wish list for years!)

We are still looking and touching and playing and reading - THANK YOU all friends and family :)


  1. I love the socks!!! - priceless! The kettle is the style we Japanese are so familiar with for generations. We call it "yakan"  Enjoy!


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