Friday, February 3, 2012

Tea for two...

Frida Viola and I have been playing a lot with salt dough lately - and we have been baking cakes for her little kitchen. Some of them more realistic than others :) Every afternoon we have a tea party. We like it both of us. How fantastic that such a simple thing as salt dough can create such joy - like this time also.

Have a nice Friday evening.


  1. Such a lovely cakes, I'm sure you had great time! We like play with salt dough too, the last time we let our creations dry on radiators. We made also a bunting mobile for our neighbours'newborn son, it's still hanging on their front door :)
    And you are right, salt and flour are always available in the kitchen so you can whip them up in a whirlwind... and have fun.

  2. Elisa: Good idea with the radiator! And the mobile sounds nice :)


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