Friday, April 27, 2012

The Dollhouse

So finally, she has her own dollhouse. I have been so obsessed with the idea about renovating the old dollhouse my dad made for my sister and I, but just haven't had the time and energy for such a big project yet - so it was kind of a relief when I found this beautiful little dollhouse from Swedish Playsam. I love the simple, organic shape and the fact that the house is just plain white so you can decorate it yourself. For now the house is furnished with some of the old furnitures from my collection - and Frida Viola has been playing and playing with it.

I have sown some tiny pillows and mattresses for the beds, and we supplemented my old dolls with a new one from Petitcollin. Next project is sewing some clothes for the dolls.

You can find both the house and the dolls at Mimi's Circus.


  1. Fedt dukkehus og møblerne vækker minder.... ;) nyd dagen!

  2. Det ser super fint ud! Og tak for tippet om de nye dukker. Mimis cirkus er en skøn butik...


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