Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Activities

I have been ill the last couple of days - not so fun with a little newborn and an almost three-years-old full of energy. Furthermore it has been freezing cold - even snow again - so most of our planned outdoor activities had to be changed into indoor ones. My energy has been so low, but finally today I went to the doctor and had some antibiotica - not something I am particularly fond of, but in this situation it felt like the right thing to do. A has done a great job in planning activities for Frida Viola - these are some of them...

1. Building little wooden ships is always great fun. The ceramic waves are made by Hesselholdt & Mejlvang - two of my absolute favorite Danish artists. I wrote this text about them a couple of years ago - and they offered us the beautiful waves.
2. Sowing cress - also a nice Easter activity.
3. Plum branches from mum's garden - now in flower.
4. Lots of lots of caresses and kisses.
5. This is what Molly and I have been practicing - and we are not doing so well. Frida Viola didn't ever learn to use the dummy, but with Molly I think it would be nice - to give me a little break once in a while.
6. Hand printed tablecloth that makes me happy - we used it for the wedding.
7. Baking daily is something we do when we are home all of us.


  1. Hope you are getting better soon Inger Marie. Your photos makes me long for the kids when they where babies.

  2. Rigtig god bedring, Inger Marie. Det ser nu ud til, at det har været nogle gode påskedage alligevel. Vi har også sået karse og forsøger nu at starte nogle avocado planter. Det er så fint med lidt haveting indenfor.:)

  3. The ceramic waves are breathtakingly beautiful! How wonderful that your children get to play with them! Hope you get well soon.

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