Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Celebrating Molly

This weekend we held Molly's baptism. We wanted to be as much outside as possible, and my mom was so kind to lend us her place for the celebration. We were so lucky with the weather. Suddenly it was like summer after a really cold week.

This is about the only photo we have with Molly - and my sister and I are doing a great effort to make her smile just a little bit! I guess I will have to make "fake" photos with the dress later on. Posing with a baby is just never succesful.

The tables were set with a mix of my mom's, my grandmother's and my own tableware - and flowers from mom's garden. I like it that way.

And this is me yesterday - very tired, before we drove the very, very long way back to Copenhagen.


  1. kære inger marie. det er nogle vidunderlige & sommerlige billeder! og stort tillykke med dåben af lille molly. kh sophie

  2. Ihh, hvor ser det idyllisk ud-helt 'Morten korcsk' ;) smukt og skønt. Tillykke med hende ;)


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