Friday, June 1, 2012

Fabechs Fabrik

Ohh yes, I am the very lucky owner of a set of Karen Fabech's beautiful little wood houses. Winner, that is actualy, because I was so lucky to win Karen's give away, and a couple of days ago the houses moved into our place. They are so delicate - the colours like candy and the wood soft-soft. I love the idea that you can combine them in so many ways, split them up and make your own little installation.

So thank you, Karen - I am a very happy winner :)
And I am sure that all of you are already familiar with Karen's very nice blog, Fabechs Fabrik - but if not you must visit it, it is filled with all Karen's beautiful projects and photos from her everyday life.


  1. Godmorgen og tusinde tak for dine meget pæne ord om mine huse og blog. Billederne er også rigtig fede:)
    Rigtig god lørdag. Kh Karen


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