Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vintage Games

After I posted on Frida Viola's Chinese checkers a while ago, Lea from affär has sent me these nice photos. I love the "Game of cat and mouse"! Lea found it in a thrift store in London. It's from 1965. And just above Lea's son is playing with their two vintage Chinese checkers games - the big wooden one from a Swedish car boot sale. Looks nice and cosy in the sun, doesn't it...?

There is an interview with Lea about her beautiful little shop, vintage and flea markets right here.

Below Frida Viola is playing with my childhood's Chinese checkers that I refound when we went to my mom's place a couple of weeks ago. Actually I think it dates back to my mom's childhood and it's quite worn out but still very functional :) And here and here and here  are some more vintage games - always so beautiful in their boxes in my opinion.   

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  1. I har virkelig mange fine spil! De er faktisk ikke så nemme at finde. Og fine affaer billeder: jeg har lige købt nogle ting derfra. Det liver lidt op i en eksamenstid, som føles meget lang.


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