Saturday, August 4, 2012

the house

It occured to me that I have been posting so much about our old house in Sweden over time, but never really showed any straight photos of it. Maybe because I'm not so good at that type of photos, but tend to lose myself in the details. Well, here's a try to show you a little more...

The house is old, very old, and everything need to be done. We like doing work up there, but we also like just being together with the kids, cooking, walking and finding treasures at the road side flea markets.
I write that it's our house, well it's actually not only our house, we share it we 3 other families. When we are up there all of us it creates a wonderful chaos. But I also really like just being there the 4 of us.

I love the quiet mornings when everyone else is asleep. I open the backdoor and see this view. I don't know how many times I have taken a photo just right here.

The porch is a wonderful place to sit and relax. A and I have been sitting out there so many evenings and talked about all our plans. Most of them will never be realized, but the talking is good.

And the barn - I must not forget the barn - it's huge and very beautiful, but I always forget to take photos of it. This year we found an owl down there. I have never seen an owl this close before. I guess it lives there.


  1. det var meget fint at se det smukke (og store!) hus. det må være fantastisk at have sådan et sted. og så med fine venner! sikke en drøm. jeg har mailet dig!

  2. Tilslutter mig Sophie!! Sikke et smukt hus!!

  3. Hej begge - ja, det er fint hus. Og Sverige og fine gamle huse er jo en passion, vi vist deler :)

  4. Hvor ser det bare vidunderligt ud. Heldige jer :)


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