Sunday, September 2, 2012

finurlig giveaway # 1 - the winner!

My little assistant helped me find the winners of the giveaway today :)
Our procedure went on with the highest precision and greatest seriosity...

Yellow notes with names for the yellow necklace...

and rose notes with names for the rose necklace.

Winner of the yellow necklace is Mette from Carlas Café.

And winner of the rose necklace is Kate from the UK.

Mette and Kate, please email me your addresses, and I will post you the necklaces :)
And all of you - thanks for participating! So nice to hear from you.
Hopefully there will be another little giveaway soon.

As a sidenote, the tin is from today's fleamarket. The lady I bought it from told me that she bought it years ago in the Czech Republic at a fleamarket. Originally a candy tin, and the nice fruits and colours remind me so much of Zdeněk Miler's cartoons about the sweet little mole that we love seeing!


  1. Ihh, hvor føler jeg mig heldig :) Glæder mig allerede til at tage den på :)

  2. Dejligt at høre, Mette - jeg sender afsted i morgen :)


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