Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Egon Mathiesen

I have posted on Egon Mathiesen and his fantastic children's books before. For Molly's baptism she had this very fine collection of Mathiesen's stories, "Aben Osvald - og andre fine historier", that contains titles that are both wellknown and new to us. New is "Drengen i grøften" (~ "Boy in the ditch") from 1945 about a little boy who is sitting at the roadside daydreaming and looking into a cornfield that transforms into a jungle with all kinds of exotic animals (last photo). "Aben Osvald" ("Oswald the Monkey") from 1947 is such a great story about the little monkey that finally learns how to say "No!" to the big angry monkey (photos 2 & 3).
I have read Egon Mathiesen's stories time and again with Frida Viola and I am looking so much forward to read them with Molly too.


  1. Vi har læst Aben Osvald så mange gange herhjemme at jeg tror jeg kan den udenad!

  2. This one seems to be a really wonderful book.

  3. Det var en dejlig dåbsgave! Egon Mathiesen er en af de fineste jo.


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