Monday, September 10, 2012


A's mom sent us a whole box of old children's books. The Danish classic "Spørge-Jørgen" from 1944 by Kamma Laurents and with illustrations by Storm P is one of them (used to belong to A's dad). Although the ending is politically incorrect seen with today's eyes (the little boy Jørgen asks so many nonsensical questions that his parents finally gives him a spanking and send him off to bed on an empty stomach), the story is a good and fun reading with it's verbal plays and the "refrain" going "why why this and why that?" ("hvorffor  hvorffor dit og hvorffor dat?") - and Storm P's illustrations are the best - simple and clear.

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  1. Spørge Jørgen var også populær herhjemme. Mon ikke han bliver det igen? ;)


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