Friday, October 12, 2012

my home today

1. From our walk home from kindergarten.
2. Pinboard.
3. Molly plays the piano - her big obsession right now.
4. Little vintage apron dress that is already too small to Molly.
5. I have unpacked the boxes with baby's winter accessories - it's getting colder.
6. Frida Viola is unpacking a big box with her new chair :) More photos later,
7. More pinboard.


  1. Hi there, I recently saw a photo of your baby's cot with a lovely cot bumper. Could you please tell me where you got it? we have the same ikea cot, just need a bumper. Many thanks. Sarah

  2. The first photo is my favourite! Such a cute simple idea.

  3. Sarah: Thanks for your comment :) I made the cot bumper myself. I couldn't find one I liked and thought it would be nicer with a home made one. Very simple to make: Cut up a top mattress into two lenghtwise to use for the soft filling and sew the cover :)


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