Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bertalan & Barnabás

I really love this Hungarian book by Éva Janikovszky from 1969 that I found in the thrift store some while ago. The illustrations are so fine, fine, fine with the mix of water colour, thin black pen and beautiful, neat patterns. We don't read Hungarian, of course, but we do read the book anyway, just guessing us to the story and finding new little details everytime we "read" in it.

Here is another nice book in Hungarian.  

Update: Saskia from fine fine books has pointed out that the illustrator is László Réber. At first I wasn't sure who made the beautiful ilustrations, because I couldn't read the Hungarian colophon - so thanks Saskia :)


  1. It's so lovely. Are the illustrations made by Laszlo Reber?

  2. Saskia - yes, the illustrations are made by László Réber. At first I wasn't sure who was the illustrator because I couldn't read the Hungarian colophon - but now I see László Réber's name mentioned, so it must be him! Thanks for pointing it out :)

    1. My pleasure! I thought they are made by Laszlo Reber because of this book: They worked together for some more lovely book projects.

  3. This book is availabla also in englis and in german.
    Basil and Barnabas
    Balthasar und Barnabas
    Janikovszky Éva is one of my favorit writer. My mother used to read her books for me, when I was a child. Now, I read them for my children.

    1. Xena - how nice that you know these books from your childhood and now read them for your own children! I must try to find them in English.


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