Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Eli's room

I love to see these photos from little Eli's room - and following my previous post, to observe that it is absolutely impossible to distinguish whether this is a boy's or a girl's room. It is a kid's room, exactly as Lena writes.


  1. Sikke et fint og inspirerende værelse!

  2. Åh det er et virkelig fint rum.

  3. That is a gorgeous room for sure! I think it's a shame though that "gender neutral" tends to mean an absence of anything really overtly girly. Personally I think a little pink and purple and sparkle is not so harmful and can even be a little bit fun when you have a girl. I draw the line at Disney and Barbie though! (Well, I say I draw the line, but the truth is it just hasn't been an issue so far, and I am not about to clue my girl in!)


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