Friday, November 9, 2012

so last season...

A's sister sent us a notice that our apartment is in this month's issue of the Danish interior magazine Bolig Magasinet, and A was off to the nearby 7-eleven to buy a copy. It was last December and I was pregnant with Molly. I remember that it felt a little wrong to take in the tree that early (normally we don't bring it in before late in the evening the 23th), but 23th we were so happy that this part was already done because as always we were short of time. You know that I love Christmas so everything about the photoshoot was fun doing. Tia Borgsmidt took the photos (she is good!) and Mette Helena Rasmussen & co did the rest.

And sorry about the poor lightning of my photos - it was a very dark November day!


  1. Jeg elsker dit hjem, og det alene var grund nok til at købe bladet.

  2. Det er en super fin reportage! Købte bladet forleden. Hav en rigtig dejlig weekend!

  3. That's great! How beautiful the photos must be with more light ;-)) I like your apartment a lot, so friendly and welcoming.

  4. Glæder mig til at se jeres hjem på tryk :-)Det ser virkelig dejligt ud. Kh Ida


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