Friday, December 21, 2012

my home today

1. A moon to Molly to go with the cloud.
2.+3. My birthday present - ohh, I am looking so much forward!
4. My mom's felted and embroidered acorns.
5. Soft baubles - good for curious little fingers that tampers with the tree!


  1. I'm glad because I found your blog, I love it!
    I've been looking and I found the gingerbread cookies recipe and I decided to try, nut I have a I have a question about the flour, what kind of flour do I need?at home I have whole wheat flour,it's ok?
    thank you and merry Christmas from a Spanish reader.

    1. Anna: so nice to hear from you! Whole wheat flour is perfect for the gingerbread cookies - but normal wheat or whole grain spelt goes as well. Good luck with the baking - and so fun that my mom's old recipe will now be in use in Spain :)


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