Thursday, February 21, 2013

patola & geringsing

I found this little book some while ago in the thrift store. I picked it up mainly because of its beautifully patterned cover, but it turned out to be a real little treasure. It's a museum catalogue from Museum für Völkerkunde in Basel (ethnographic museum) from 1975 about an exhibition of ceremonial weavings from India and Indonesia. The techniques are called Patola (India) and Geringsing (Indonesia) and are explained as a double ikat method that is very complicated and rare. My German is good enough for reading and I love to delve into something so specialized and unique as this.

The authors are Alfred Bühler, Urs Ramseyer and Nicole Ramseyer-Gygi, and the full title is "Patola und Geringsing. Zeremonialtücher aus Indien und Indonesien". The cover is redesigned from a Balinese double ikat weaving from Tenganan.


  1. this is such a beautiful pattern!

  2. Good find!I went to see patola weawing in India (here: It is a crazeily complicated teqninque but beautiful. :^)

    1. Sara - thank you for the link! And how exciting that you visited the weaving workshop in India!

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  3. DOUBLE IKAT PATOLA is a very unique technique of patan which is made in patan ,gujarat india
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