Saturday, April 6, 2013

Christina Rohde

I have been admiring Christina Rohde's beautiful and functional children's wear ever since we took over the first little pieces from my sister's kids before Frida Viola was even born. Both she and Molly have several favourite items from the designer, and I love the way Christina Rohde put together different patterns, colours and fabrics in her very simple and often loose and comfortable styles. Recently I discovered her accessories too and they are just as pretty and furthermore very reasonably priced. The bibs have a water resistant material at the back and are very easy to wipe off.

(and the quilted iPhone purse is mine, of course!)


  1. Ja, hun har altid været genial til at udvælge stoffer til lækkert børnetøj! Også en favorit her til min lille datter - som nu er vokset fra det da hun er 17 ; )

  2. these are beautiful but I can't find any webstore that carries them-do you know any?x

    1. No, I am sorry I didn't find any webstores that carry Christina Rohde's accessories either. I bought them in Englebørn and in Normann's shop, both in Copenhagen:

    2. all those amazing shops in's one of my favorite cities in the world!

    3. You're right - it is nice here, especially on sunny days as today (but winter is very long and dark!)

  3. Det er også virkeligt fint her hos dig !


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