Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Signe Kjær

Last week it was A's birthday. We did celebrate him a little but not far as much as I would have liked since our days have been quite filled up lately. He did have some gifts though - and even some quite good ones :)
Frida Viola helped me choose one of Signe Kjær's beautiful little paintings for him. She picked out the girl you see above - and it's really such a fine little work that we are all so happy with. Signe Kjær makes wonderful, poetic, fine and delicate illustrations and works and I am looking so much forward to follow her and see more.

Once the package with the girl had arrived Frida Viola also wanted to paint some girls so that A had 3 girls for his birthday - one for each of us. She did the two below. Needless to say that he was very happy.

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