Friday, July 5, 2013

little things

My mom has been here the last couple of days, helping us with the kids so that we have had some extra time for the bathroom and the renovation projects. We are progressing slowly.

1. Pile of beautiful old notebooks from a Swedish flea market that I had forgotten about but refound on my desk.
2. The cornflowers are blossoming in the backyard.
3. We had ice cream in the sun with my mom today.
4. Frida Viola brought her own little plant with her home from kindergarten - she tells it's a plant that has pink flowers, but I think it's more likely a radish.
5. More notebooks.
6. Dried out thistle.
7. Little plate from the thrift store with a nice pattern.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Dejligt - dine billeder giver ro der smitter :)

    1. Tak, Céline! Det er jeg rigtig glad for at høre.


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