Monday, July 15, 2013


Our vacation hasn't started yet. Frida Viola's & Molly's kindergarten/nursery is almost abandoned by kids already on vacation, but my impression is that this is almost the best time of the year to be there - they do special things with the kids and have much more time for the few kids left. While we wait for it to be our turn for vacation we try to make it as summery and cosy for the kids (and ourselves, of course!) as possible - with lots of ice cream & swimming in the sea (mostly the kids!)

1. Frida Viola brought some nice little creations with her home from kindergarten the other day. This is a castle made out of a disposable coffee cup and a plate. Maybe a DIY idea for a rainy day...?
2. The dress I made for Frida Viola at Marapytta's sewing school :)
3. Frida Viola at the sea - this year she is swimming and swimming and has no fear of what so ever...
4. A little doll she made.
5. At home after the swim.
6. A couple of sweet new little dolls from the thrift store for the girl's collection.

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