Tuesday, July 30, 2013

summer rain

Today we had rain fot the first time during this stay. And when it rains up here, it seems neverending. Frida Violas and I went out searching for smooth stones to paint on. A baked us some waffles and they were very good with the rhurbarb marmelade. At 4 o'clock the sun was shining again and the land surrounding the house was quivering with dew, bugs and dancing little baby frogs. They say we will have rain again tomorrow.

We found this very beautiful gas stove at today's flea market. It will be perfect for the kitchen up here after the old wood-fired stove has been removed. I just hope we will be able to find the right replacement parts to make it function. It dates back to 1960.

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  1. your photos makes us wanna jump on a train and head off to Sweeden!


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