Friday, August 2, 2013

inside the house

Thought I would share with you some photos from inside our Swedish country house. Everything here is quite worn out. It has become a principle that all we bring here and put inside should be found at the local flea markets or charity shops. I like it this way. We have continously projects inside and around the house - big plans and dreams - but most often only the smaller things are getting done, as a new hook here or there, a new picture on the wall or a new bedside lamp. Because we also want time to go to the lake, make a bonfire or search for raspberries in the thickets along the road.

Last year I posted about the exterior of the house.  


  1. Inger Marie, hvor er det charmerende - både fint og hyggeligt. Lige sådan et sted man har lyst til at være. Og så gode indretningsprincipper! Håber I nyder resten af tiden deroppe. KH Sophie

    1. Sophie - det kan jo være, i kan komme og besøge os en gang :)


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