Saturday, September 7, 2013

Eva Lindström

Today, just a short note with a big recommendation: Go and see Eva Lindström's beautiful-beautiful animated film "Dyrevennerne" ["Animal Friends"] that plays in Cinemateket at the moment - with or without kids!

Frida Viola and I went to see it today - and it was wonderful, poetic, aesthetic, dreamlike and whimsical.
"Dyrevennerne" is a collection of three short narratives for small kids - all with animals as main characters. Swedish author and illustrator Eva Lindström's illustrations and colours are delicate, soft, offbeat and hard not to love, and the soundtrack in the animations just completes the universe. We both liked it very much, and some of Lindström's books are now on our wishlist.

You can see "Dyrevennerne" in Cinemateket next Saturday, via the children's film festival Buster - free of admission!
See a teaser here.


  1. leste nettopp om denne i cover kids. den ser fantastisk fin ut.

  2. Lena, den må du se, hvis du får muligheden!


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