Tuesday, October 1, 2013

the delicate tale of Meyer-Lavigne

As you might remember I was doing some work for the Danish design collective Meyer-Lavigne in the early summer months. I was writing an essay about the designers and their work for their new website along with a number of short introductory texts. It was such a pleasure to work with these two talented women and to get a peek into their playful and whimsical universe as well as their design related processes. Today their new website is online - and I like what I see.

Below is a couple of their new dream savers - Kawaii and Panda.

Here's a little extract from the website about the dream savers: "Dream Saver aims to make us want to save up for our most dearly held dreams. The saving boxes are of the old-fashioned kind: They only have one opening for putting money in - and for extracting it. Thus, it takes some effort to get the money out, just as it often takes an effort to achieve one's dreams and goals."

Mintstudio did the design of the beautiful website.

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