Monday, November 11, 2013

Lisbon #1

We are back home from a wondeful week in Lisbon. The city really was beautiful with its watercolour like light, all its fantastic tiles and mosaics and its many pracas (squares) and parks. The girls liked it a lot - they were exhausted in the evenings of course, but they had so much positive attention with their blonde hair from the heartwarmingly friendly and sweet, sweet locals - smiles, hugs, chit chats, candies, and lots of helping hands with the stroller. I have been looking through my many, many photos - these are just a few, and I won't spare you for more in the next days.


  1. Marvellous photos, thanks. Do post more!

  2. I'm loving your series of Lisbon photos Inger Marie, just as I imagine it to be, lovely facades and beautiful pastel colours. And this picture of Frida Viola - that dress! Would love to know where you stayed for future reference. Was it a private apartment and were you happy with it? Hopefully one day I'll get to visit this city with my family too, Elizabeth x

    1. Elizabeth - yes, we stayed in a private apartment found via airbnb. It was situated in a quiet street in a lovely neighborhood, but still very central. I would love to email you the link if you are interested...? And I can really recommend Lissabon with kids - the city is not too big and the locals are so friendly and love children.

    2. Oh that would be so kind of you Inger Marie to send the link, my email is we really hope to visit Lisbon in the near future. Love looking at your holiday pics! Elizabeth


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