Sunday, November 24, 2013

most cosy day of the year

With my mom and my sister's family we have a pre-christmas tradition. Each year in late November we meet from one day to another and all we do is cutting, gluing, painting, talking and eating A's freshly baked waffles. I love this weekend - and so do the kids. This year I was impressed on how focused they were. We sat around that same table for hours and they were all engaged and happy with it.

1. waffles are good
2. my sister with her blonde girls
3. old & young - my mom's patience with the kids is admirable
4. paper ice crystals


  1. Kære Inger Marie. Det er længe siden jeg har skrevet til dig her, men jeg følger din blog troligt. Hvor er det nogle dejlige billeder - fin tradition i en iskold november. KH Ida (idamour)

    1. Kære Ida - hvor dejligt med en hilsen fra dig! Og vi har jo også fundet hinanden på instagram, hvor jeg kan følge lidt med :)

  2. Oh this sounds like a fabulous moment to spend with your family. And what a great tradition for the girls too, a weekend of creativity and warmness, Elizabeth

    1. Elizabeth - it's very recommendable! But I'm sure you have similar traditions with your family :)


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