Friday, December 6, 2013


it's snowing outside, A is out with some friend, the house is very quiet, the girls are lying close to eachother in my bed, and I am thinking of what to bake and do during december. The month has just started but it passes so fast, and we have so much we want to do. The christmas stockings are up, there's a little gift each morning. Last weekend Frida Viola and I baked some gingerbread from my mom's old recipe, and today we opened the boxes with christmas ornaments.

What are you baking in december?


  1. I don't know if it's really "baking" but anyway,every 1 rst of december,it's spicy christmas wine(to be drunk chilled on christmas day) and sablé's my first comment here and I just love your blog!(soory for my english,I'm french)

  2. Altid de dejligste billeder hos dig. Hvor er I heldige at I har sne.

    Glædelig december :)

  3. Always such sweet pictures, a feast of colours. I'm looking forward to making sablés too, butter biscuits in different shapes with icing. And of course mulled wine! Hope we can slow December down, definitely goes too fast..Elizabeth


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