Thursday, January 2, 2014

last days & first days

The holidays are over. A is back to work, I am writing, the girls had their first day back in kindergarten today, and everything feels quite good. We went to a big party for New Year's Eve with lots of kids, lovely food and fireworks just outside the window. The girls never stayed up for so late before, I think they both loved it, although they were exhausted at the end. I don't like New Year's Eve especially much - but I do love these first days of the new year. I know it's symbolic, but it feels good to enter something new and clear your mind for good, new thoughts. I never make New Year's resolutions, but this year I have one major wish in mind that I don't have much influence on: I hope for less days of illness for little Molly - something that will be good for all of us.

In 2014 we will have something new going on for this space, I am quite excited about it, and I hope soon to show you more.

All the best wishes for all of you that visit us here. You know that I like simple and banal things, and it means alot to me that others care for it too.

1. & 7. Molly has discovered the magic of an iPhone
2. Green
3. Wrapping presents just before Christmas. Frida Viola helped me stamp the cards with her new stamp set ['Jul' means Christmas]
4. Peek-a-boo behind the three
5. Beautiful packaging on this very good chocolate from Chocolataria Equador in Lisbon
6. From my birthday in December - best carrot cake ever


  1. Skønne billeder som altid og lækker lille sveskebarn. Rigtig godt nytår :-)

  2. Happy new year, Inger Marie! I'm looking forward to another year full of "simple and banal things" :)

    1. ...and I am looking forward to get inspiration for beautiful books and good reads from you, Saskia :)

  3. Simple and banal things are the best... I know just what you mean!

  4. For en nydelig genser. Er den strkket? Hvilket mønster?

    1. Hej Petit - det er Marianne Isagers paraply sweater, den er håndstrikket og en julegave til Molly. Jeg kan varmt anbefale både Marianne og Helga Isagers strik både til børn og voksne - pasformen er rigtig god og garnkvaliteten er så lækker. Og sikke en fin blog du har!


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