Friday, February 21, 2014

Hokus Pokus Alfons Åberg

While my mom was here we went to the cinema to see the Alfons Åberg movie with the girls. And we liked it - all of us. I truly love the old Alfons Åberg animations with the wonderful voice of Thomas Winding in Danish from my own childhood, and so does Frida Viola, so I was a little anxious to be dissapointed. But I loved it. I love the small updates with the dad's smartphone, his 85% dark chocolate, the fact that Alfons is a little older, but still a dreaming, fantasizing kid with his own wishes and desires. I love the style of the animation - warm & filled with little daily life details and objects, yet still also filled with magic, even for grown ups (despite what some reviewers write). The girls loved all the cute dogs, the magician, the switching between magic and reality, and all the very-very exciting moments where the kids do things not at all approved by the adults.

We didn't like all the noisy trailers before the movie, though...

If you didn't see it already (I know we are late), then hurry up and go see it - it's perfect for the younger kids.

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