Monday, April 28, 2014


My sweet big girl is 5 years. It was her birthday Friday, and we have been celbrating her with our family this weekend. She was so excited and now, of course, she is quite exhausted.

For us birthdays and birthday parties means alot of cooking. For her birthday dinner Friday evening Frida Viola chose buckwheat pancakes. Since all of our family come from far away we always make a big lunch to welcome them. We have been baking the beetroot-goatcheese tart several times and it's so good served with salads (I use milk instead of cream, and this time I added lovage from the backyard instead of basil). This cucumber-cilantro salad is also a favourite - I am almost addicted to it - and we also tried out these walnut-ricotta-crostinis, good too.

Frida Viola wanted a "hindbærsnittepige" - a traditional Danish cake with a raspberry filling shaped like a girl, and I also finally tried out the thin oat crisps with ginger & cloves from Greenkitchenstories - and it's not the last time we are going to bake them.


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