Tuesday, April 22, 2014

we want more

We are back in the city again and Molly has been standing with her wellies on at the door all day ready to go back to the country house. We will, in some weeks.

If you also want to go to Småland you might find some inspiration here. I wrote a Småland guide to Lille Nord with our favourite things to do & see. Let me know if you have any great tips for Småland and Sweden?

1. Flea find for Molly.
2. & 3. Breakfast & morning light.
4. Blue anemones from the woodland.
5. She found a horse at the flea market, best friend.
6. Quilts & rag rugs go so well together.
7. Reading.


  1. Oh I am so inspred by your holiday pictures, I love everything in the colours, the patterns, the light....and the flea market finds (are the flea markets full of good things there?!) - I dream of one day spending a summer in the Scandinavian countryside (difficult, we're 5) - thank you for sharing Inger Marie, warm wishes from Elizabeth x

  2. Elizabeth - we do love our vacations in Sweden and all they include :) And yes, the flea markets are full of good things! Maybe it's not so impossible to go to Sweden during summer for a family with 5 members. My impression is, that it's quite easy to rent a house or a cabin in Småland during summer via the net (Elisabeth Dunker's house, for example :) ). It’s cheap to rent a car with free mileage in Sweden and grocery shopping is far less expensive than in Denmark. Maybe your dream is not impossible :)

  3. I think you're right Inger Marie, it's important to have dreams and follow them. The past 10 years have been full of babies and house renovations (this is house 3) and I have such itchy feet to travel again and show the children other countries. I'll put Elisabeth Dunker's country house just below Lisbon ;) xx

  4. Sikke fin hun er Molly med alle hendes krøller! Dem kan man kun være misundelig på!

  5. Do you ever rent out your Swedish house?

    1. No, I'm sorry, we don't rent out our Swedish house. We prefer that it is at our disposal whenever we feel like going there, and with 4 families sharing the place it is already occupied all summer. We see many signs with houses to rent in the area, so my guess is that with some googling it will be easy to find something good :) Good luck!


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