Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Stove

I just realized that I never posted about the stove we made for Frida Viola for Christmas...?
Well, here it is:

It is placed in the kitchen, right beside the little kitchenette from the thrift store. She cooks for all her mice and babies while I cook in the real kitchen.

The stove didn't cost us anything to make. We made it out of old, reused materials only. It's actually a bedside table our neighbors wanted to discard. A made the front panel and the door with inserted plexiglass. Handles and hooks are from the thrift store near our house in Sweden, and the little shelf is bought a long time ago in affär, now decorated with a bit of old wallpaper from Retro Villa.

And very important when you are cooking is, of course, the timer...

Happy weekend for all of you!


  1. Den var kjempefin! Så flinke dere har vært!

  2. hej inger marie, det er et fantastisk fint lille køkken og så fine små ting dertil. lige min smag! det må have været virkelig hyggeligt at lave og indrette det. heldige frida viola!

  3. Underbart! Det måste vara så roligt att leka i ett sådant fint kök!

  4. Looks absolutely fantastic. It is a kitchen we only have dreamed of making to our kids.

  5. Hi all of you! Thank you for your comments - and yes, it was such a pleasure to make the little kitchen (although I must admit that it is primarily A's achievement - he did all the crafting, I just gathered the materials and came up with far too many not at all realistic ideas!) Good teamwork :)

  6. Altså hvor er det flot! Jeg beundrer din kreativitet :)

  7. Lea - tak for hilsen! Som du kan se, er mange af "rekvisitterne" fundet hos dig, og den slags er jo vigtigt for et godt resultat :)


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