Thursday, January 19, 2012

What The Old Lady Left

Yesterday, in the local thrift store, I found a sewing table, complete with all the little belongings that an old lady has kept for years. Belongings that speak to me about a different time and make me make up stories about this lady's life. Silk thread, lace, wrapping paper from her engagement rings, measuring tape, pipe cleaner animals, a little handbook on health from Danish Red Cross (from 1944!), Swedish matches and French buttons. Little leftovers from her sewing projects that she has carefully stored throughout decades for an event that might or might not occur. It made me both happy and sad.


  1. Det er så skønt, elsker også den slags...;)
    Hej fra Maja B

  2. · { sikke en skat, lucky you ... smuk weekend } ·

  3. åh, hvor fint! elsker sådan nogle fund. rigtig god weekend til dig!

  4. Such a beautiful post, I'm sure the old lady is smiling to you from wherever place she is


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