Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Home Today

It has been raining all day and we have mostly been inside, baking cinnamon rolls after a recipe from Sophie.

The pipe cleaner peacock was also from the old lady's sewing table and the gray-blue chair is another very good thrift store find from the other day: An original FDB chair, designed by Folke Pålsson back in the 60s and recently relaunched by HAY - so beautiful and simple. I love the colour that changes from gray to blue depending on the light.

Magnolias from my mom's garden - reminds me about my dad. He loved the magnolia tree.

Have a nice Saturday evening. 


  1. de ser skønne ud, kanelbollerne, og så på den fine tallerken! sikkert et loppefund?

  2. Sophie - kanelbollerne blev gode :) Og ja, tallerkenen er et loppefund fra Sverige. Den hedder Hjärter og er fra Gefle/Upsala-Ekeby.


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