Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Kitchen in Maisha

Some while ago the Japanese writer/journalist Chieko Tomita paid me a visit and a couple of days ago I received this new issue of the Japanese interior magazine Maisha with photos of our kitchen. I was 8 months pregnant when the photos were taken and the article was supposed to be on kitchens for singles - so I had to pose in a way that didn't flash my big stomach :) So funny to see the photos now with a baby on my arm and with baby stuff lying around everywhere! Photographer Denis Sytmen from Underwerket did the nice photos.

Thank you Chieko and Denis!


  1. Yay I can read the page :) How cool that you and your kitchen are featured in a magazine overseas!! It's beautiful, neat and playful!

  2. Jeg er fuldstændig forelsket i alt ved dit køkken, lige fra den turkise til keramikgrebene til de lækre detaljer fra made a mano. Det er fuldt fortjent, at det er kommet i et blad. Mht den (skjulte) gravide mave er det vist det, man kalder en lille hvid løgn?


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