Wednesday, July 18, 2012

in and out...

It goes without saying that life up here is very different than our normal life in Copenhagen. Up here everything is so dependent on the weather - and that's also what makes it so good. Rain and sun are shifting every moment. The doors are open all the time, and as soon as the rain has stopped dripping, we are outside again. We make new experiences all the time. Holiday with little kids is also hard work - especially when the house is filled with friends that you also want to spend time with. We try to balance our time between being just ourselves and socializing with the others. What are your experiences with vacation with little kids...? Any good advice...?

1. Beautiful old family farm that has been in the same family for 6 generations. We visited a little flea market here - and found some good stuff.
2. Beautiful woven rug from the same place.
3. Frida Viola in the green.
4. Cooking for 12 people in a primitive kitchen is both charming and a bit hectic.
5. Molly also likes it here.


  1. Oh I remember the "small kids time" and socializing with friends at the same time as an intense period. There was a lot of juggling, ha ha.

    Your photos are like candy, all the time now Inger!
    (That good looking farm makes me think of Villa Villekulla)

  2. åh, det er svært. jeg har vist ikke så mange gode råd. udover bare at hænge på og tænke at alt er en periode :) vores børn vågner altid kl.6 om morgenen så de lange aftener med rødvin er sjældne for mig. men de kommer vel igen? og dine billeder er så skønne, inger marie!

  3. Det er det sødeste dukkehus! Så fiiiint!

  4. Suggestions for a guilt-free holiday.
    (Cabin in the countryside version)

    1: Fun first. Grown ups join in on kids activities and perhaps re-live som of childhoods joys and wonders. Chances are everybody is exhausted before late, be in bed at a resonable time and ready for early mornings again.

    If late nights with red wine is requested, then desinate a morning shift duty person. I find my family and friends are often more than happy to go to bed early and miss out on drinks if it means I get a late night for once. (such sweet people!) As in your case, with a baby most likely wanting all-night service, then make sure you don't end up beeing designated the morning shift just because its convinient-as you'll be up anyhow.

    2: Simple cooking. Food doesnt have to be a fuss to be rememberable.

    Our BonusGrandmother gets all starry and wet eyed remembering her summer cuisine as a child.

    Boiled potatoes and beef jerky for weeks on end.

    She was the youngest of four with their single mom just after the second world war. Seven square meters of cabin and norwegian mountains as her backyard. Now,she can afford lobster and champagne all summer if she likes, but its cold potatoes and dried meet she desires.

    3: In my opinion floors should be sandy, feet mucky, hair salty and clothes smudged with grass all summer. Teeth and kitchenware need to be cleaned, but that about all.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. All of you: Thanks for your sweet comments and good advice!

    Elizabeth: Juggling - yes, that's exactly how I feel :) And candy - that's makes me very happy :)

    Sophie: Ja - du har helt ret, det ændrer sig jo hele tiden, og på mange måder er det jo bare super dejligt at komme tidligt op og igang med dagen.

    J.Goodwin: Such a nice, long (and fun) reply! And actually very much as it is here: sandy floors and mucky feet :)


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