Thursday, October 25, 2012

finurlig giveaway # 2

You know that I love flea markets and thrift stores and everything old, used and found.

I found this little set of 6 teaspoons at a fleamarket in a beautiful old house in Sweden this summer. The lady who sold them was 6th generation living in the farmhouse. The house was filled with old stuff from floor to ceiling, and the lady remembered stories about every little thing. We bought some very nice things - most of them are now in use in our own old house in Sweden - but this little set of teaspoons with roses will now go further on as a giveaway. The teaspoons can be used at tea parties in the kid's play-kitchen - or of course in your own cup of tea...

Leave a comment and I will choose a winner at random next Friday evening (Friday November 2) and post it here. 


  1. åh, hvor fine! jeg er gerne med!
    kh sophie

  2. Oooh, how I would love to win these beautiful teaspoons, not only because I adore your blog Inger, sharing your love of vintage and thrift, but I also would have been in heaven visiting a fleamarket in an old Swedish house. Who knows the original story behind these spoons...
    My daughter Anya would happily use these in her playhouse but I think I'd probably prefer to see them daily on our table, Elizabeth (

  3. Så fine - de passer lige til mine gæster i Sommers Hus - et bed and breakfast i bedste retrostil. Krydser fingre !

  4. Juhu, jeg vil også være med! De ville være perfekte i vores nye kolonihave :-) Kh. Sidsel

  5. Kære Inger Marie
    Lille Ingrid Marie elsker at servere kaffe for os med sit dukkestel, så disse skeer vil uden tvivl være et hit. Tak for en fin og stemningsfuld blog.
    Kh Pernille

  6. These are so sweet. You find the best things. Thank you! -Linda K.

  7. Ja, de er bare SÅ fine :)
    Vil meget gerne vinde dem.
    God Weekend!


  8. Nøj hvor er de bare helt fantastsike!
    Krydser alt, hvad krydses kan f<3

    Og tak for en altid inspirerende blog!
    Knus C

  9. Hi Inger Marie,
    I'm a Danish mother livng in the Caribbean with my 3 yr old multi-cutural girls. Those Scandinavian heirloom spoons would go so well with the local bush- and coconut tea that we drink on a daily basis. Thank you for the chance to win these beautiful spoons! Also, thank you for this delightful, color-loving blog. Fondly, Camilla

  10. These are so sweet- what a lovely find! So happy to have stumbled upon your blog!

    Warmly, krista lia

  11. These are so sweet- what a lovely find! So happy to have stumbled upon your blog!

    Warmly, krista lia


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