Tuesday, April 23, 2013

my home today

Frida Viola is on a camp with her kindergarten. For 3 nights she will be away! It feels strange and empty without her here - and extremely quiet. I forgot how it is with only one child. She was so proud and happy when they left with the bus. I hope she will have an adventurous time, making her very own experiences.

1. "How big is Molly...?" Favourite play at the moment.
2. Daffodil from the backyard - and Happy Days vases from Meyer-Lavigne.
3. New basket with a nice pattern.
4. Huge new book from the thrift store on violets - so many different varieties! Show you more from the book later.
5. Tonight's dinner - raw cauliflower salad with goat cheese, apple slices, roasted almonds and lime zest. Always so good.
6. And A brought me these beautiful kalas.


  1. Jeg glæder mig til at se mere fra Flora bogen! Og hvor er det utroligt at Frida Viola kan være hjemmefra så længe, hun er sej. Kh Sophie

    1. Ja - jeg synes også hun er ret sej, min lille pige :) Og jeg glæder mig til at få hende hjem igen i morgen!


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