Wednesday, April 24, 2013

new desk, new surroundings...

Look how very, very lucky I am. At the moment I am working in these so inspiring surroundings, and the ladies behind all these fantastic works and creations give me the best company, inspiration and good advice. I am writing some texts about the Danish design collective Meyer-Lavigne, and I am so lucky that Kristine and Sabine have an extra desk in their studio, so that I can actually be amidst their universe. I am sensing, looking and touching and getting more and more familiar with all their friendly creatures that live here.

The photos show a sneak peak into their studio - sketches, inspiration, finished works and not least some of their kids' fantastic creations.

[Sorry - it seems as if you cannot link to Meyer-Lavigne's website at the moment but if you go directly to it should work!]


  1. Heldige dig! Det lyder som en meget spændende (og inspirerende) arbejdsopgave.

  2. This looks like a very very nice job!

    PS: The links don't lead to the Meyer-Lavigne site (but maybe only at the moment?!)

    1. It is, Saskia! And thanks for your note about the link - for some reason I can´t get it to work but if you go directly to their site, it works:

  3. Kære Inger Marie, det lyder så spændende og sikke et godt match mellem dig & dem. Glæder mig til at høre og læse mere! KH Sophie

  4. Wauw, det lyder super spændende! Jeg har været spændt på at høre hvad du skulle i gang med :) Det lyder som et rigtig godt match. Tillykke til dig og tillykke til dem :)


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