Friday, May 17, 2013

change of scene

Yesterday in Copenhagen, today up here. Ohh, we are so lucky, I know, to have this place. This wonderful old house that brings us away from everything and after some days makes us long to go back home again. We arrived yesterday very late in the night, and we woke up to a veritable summer day. We have been outside all day, we even had our dinner outside by the bonfire.

1. First one of today's many little bouquets - forget-me-not.
2. From the thrift store today - Frida Viola found an irresistible lace skirt that she just had to own. She feels very much like Madicken from Astrid Lindgren's stories about "Meg of June Hill".
3. Good morning beautiful new view.
4. Pile.
5.+6. She made us a dance performance.
7. And A made a fire and we had dinner outside.

We have been listening to Carolina Chocolate Drops today - perfect music for these settings.

It was such a good day.


  1. Ser fantastisk dejligt ud - kan lige dufte hvordan der dufter fantastisk i den spæde sommer.
    Nyd det.
    Kram Ida (idamour)

  2. Kære Ida. Tak - jeg nyder det meget, og her dufter virkelig skønt :)


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