Thursday, July 25, 2013

blueberry pie

Days are passing quietly and quickly at the same time. We have visited some flea markets, we have picked some blueberries and baked a really good pie, we said good bye to some guests, we started up several projects on the house that might never be finished.

1. Little doll from the flea market.
2. Blueberries.
3. Little cute vintage dress for Molly, also from the flea market.
4. Early morning light.
5.+6. More blueberries.


  1. oh so inspiring, your photos. such a lovely house. where is it located?

    1. Lena - our house is in Småland, it's an old and very typical farmhouse, very idyllic and romantic :)

  2. Åh, hvor jeg synes om dine fotos, søde ven!


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